Natalia Soetjipto

Born from the city of Banyuwangi, East Java. Went to primary school in Rodgojampie. Went to Semarang to continue secondary school for three years.  Stay in Surabaya to continue junior college in Petra Manyar. Once graduating, she continue her further studies as fashion designer at Arva School of Fashion and Melbourne, Australia.

After graduation, Natalia open up her own boutique in 2007 where she receive valuable skills and experience by meeting with unique characteristic of customers with different needs.  


MAXX-Brides Magazine 2015 - Surabaya most inspiring and talented wedding designers

Miss World 2013 - one of Miss World Top Models designers in Bali, Indonesia

Jayanata Charity Event 2013 - Jayanata Touch of Love Charity event in Surabaya